Is Steven Meress a licensed physican?

Yes. Dr. Meress has been a board certified Internal Medicine Specialist and is a board-certified Holistic Medicine Specialist. He completed his Bachelors of Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Medical Microbiology and received his medical degree from St. George University in Grenada, West Indies. Dr. Meress is an Integrative Specialist, therefore he does not provide Primary Care services. Patients are encouraged to retain their own primary care physician as Dr. Meress does not admit patients to the hospital nor is he on call.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during my visit?

Your initial consultation with the provider is approximately 2 hours and will include an extensive medical evaluation. You will also receive a detailed nutritional assessment and vitamin and supplement education.

You can also expect to have diagnostic work-up that may include heavy metals, neurotransmitters, hormones, stool testing, nutritional evaluation and/or allergies. Traditional blood tests are also part of the initial evaluation.

We ask that you come fasting on the day of your visit since blood tests, if ordered, will be drawn that day. If you have an appointment before noon, do not eat anything after 9:00 pm the night before. If your appointment is in the afternoon, you may eat a light breakfast, such as toast and tea or black coffee, no later than 7:00 am. Limited water is allowed. If you are diabetic, we can address this on an individual basis. Notify us in advance if this may be an issue for you.

The labs that are used at Fox Valley Wellness Center include Quest Diagnostics, Metametrix, Diagnostics, Marshfield Clinic, Igenex, and Dynacare. Quest is one of the largest labs in the country and they cover approximately 95% of insurance companies. The billing is done through Quest and is a separate charge from our office visit. We would advise you to contact your insurance company prior to your appointment to verify benefits with Quest. FVWC does charge a small fee for drawing and processing the specimens, which we will submit to insurance if applicable.

Once the evaluation is completed, Dr. Meress will propose a diagnostic and treatment plan for you based on your history and physical.

Will the doctor want to see my medical records/history?

Yes. If you have lab results from within the last 6 months and any related records that you can bring will be extremely helpful.

When would I schedule a follow up appointment?

You will schedule a follow up after your initial consultation for about 4-6 weeks out. This is when we would expect to have all your lab results and the provider would then go over the findings and set a personalized treatment plan.

If I have questions after my visit, can I e-mail the doctor?

Fox Valley Wellness Center/Midwest Hyperbarics™ is not set up to receive e-mails from patients regarding their care and treatment. The e-mail address on our website is for informational purposes only. We ask that if you have a question about your treatment plan, call the main number, including the toll-free number, and leave a message with the receptionist. The nurse will then call you to discuss your questions.