Dr. Robert Coleman, Jr.

Dr. Robert Coleman, Jr., ND, LMT
Naturopathic Doctor


Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA)

Quantum Physics is the study of macroscopic phenomena that exist outside of conventional science.  Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) is a clinical diagnostic technique created by Dr. Bob Marshall of Premier Research Labs which merges energy medicine with quantum physics. 

QRA utilizes Dr. Omura's patented Bi-Digital O-Ring Test to functionally evaluate a patient's biofield. A biofield is described as an individualized network of biochemical energetic pathways known as a plasma energy field. QRA precisely tests a patient's biofield through biomeredians which are generated by the frequencies emitted from every cell in the body's DNA.

The salt, minerals, and fluids in our body allow for the conduction of bioelectric energy which can be objectively accessed through reflexive acupressure points. Our bodies intricate organ and gland systems can be substantially weakened from nutritional deficiencies, trauma, and/or infection. These events can easily compound for weeks, months, and years to detrimental disease states. 

QRA is successful in identifying pre-pathology and is used to correctly dose supplements and formulas when building or adjusting a proper treatment protocol.